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Free musicals - why?

The purpose of this site is simply to make three free musicals available - 'The Teenagers' Nativity', 'Mamma Don't Marry That Man' and 'Baby Off The Shelf.'

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the teenagers' nativity

Welcome to - free musicals for theatre groups, community groups, secondary school or college drama groups. All free to download - including vocals, backing, script, publicity and all you need.

NEW for October 2014 - a brand new short musical / Christmas musical called "The Teenagers' Nativity". 8 scenes and 8 songs for your Christmas performance! Click for more...

We have three complete free musicals - "The Teenagers' Nativity" (Oct 2014), "Mamma Don't Marry That Man" (Jan 2014) and "Baby Off The Shelf" (from 2012).

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"The Teenagers' Nativity" Storyline

The Teenagers’ Nativity is a mini musical consisting of dialogue and 8 songs which depict aspects of the story of the birth of Jesus. It can be performed on its own or be interwoven with the readings and carols of a church or school carol service. Particular songs or scenes can be performed separately if required. There is little in the way of props needed to present this musical so it could be done on the stage or floor of a school hall, at the front of a church or even outside in the open air. A good sound and lighting system is all that is needed apart from costumes. 

Most nativity plays tend to be performed by children of primary school age but this play has dialogue and songs which are more suitable for performance by teenagers and even adults. If performed solely by adults the name of the musical might have to be changed to something more appropriate.

Producers may wish to edit the script, add more dialogue or change the title. All that we ask is that the source of the material is acknowledged. The songs and script are provided as a resource which performance groups can use as written or adapt to meet their needs.

Although the musical is delivered using the rock music genre it has a traditional setting and closely follows the New Testament story.  Players may wish to add a ninth scene where everyone who has taken part comes together for a reprise of ‘Jesus Christ is Born Today’, which is featured in Scene 4.

Backing tracks and vocal tracks, to enable the performers to learn the songs, are provided as well as a script and publicity material.  Performances can be recorded and reproduced electronically with no copyright fees. Organisations are permitted to sell those recordings without having to pay royalties if they wish to raise funds for their organisations or charities.

Roger Kaye
Writer and Composer

"Mamma! Don't Marry That Man"

The musical tells the story of a young girl, nicknamed ‘Twinkle’, and her attempts to prevent her widowed mother from marrying her teacher, who she has a very bad relationship with. She is helped by her best friend Charlotte and a new, mildly autistic boy in her class called James, who is facing similar problems. His father, who is a rich businessman, is engaged to woman who James sees as a gold digger.  The three work together to uncover secrets about the prospective spouses, which are revealed in an explosive final scene.

The issues of bereavement, bullying, rejection, disability and deception emerge as the plot unfolds. Although the musical has its serious and poignant moments there is a liberal sprinkling of humour throughout. The songs are delivered in a variety of musical styles within the popular music genre.

The musical is ideal for community theatre groups, youth groups or school students of late primary/elementary or secondary/high school age. Performances done in schools could involve students, staff and parents in roles which reflect their relative ages.

17 vocal tracks, with separate accompanying backing tracks, are available for download, as well as publicity material and ticket templates. Permission is given for performances to be recorded on CD or DVD, which can be sold to raise funds for the organisations involved in the production. You could also use the production for charity fund raising. If you feel you would like to donate to our chosen charity please visit the Butterfly Children's Hospices website

Roger Kaye
(Writer and Composer of ‘Mamma Don't Marry That Man’)

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"Baby Off The Shelf"

This exciting and challenging new musical examines some of the big, moral, social and medical issues brought about by technological changes in genetic engineering. ‘Baby off the Shelf’ has a highly original, fast moving story line which encompasses humour and heartbreak, delivered in a wide range of musical styles.

The musical is suitable for theatre groups, youth and community groups or student groups from secondary age upwards.

22 vocal tracks, 22 backing tracks, script, publicity and ticket templates, are yours to use as you wish. You can copy the songs and script as many times as you like and record and film your performance, without having to pay any royalties to the writer, who owns the copyright. The musical is ideal for those wishing to raise money for charities. If you are not raising money for a charity and would like to donate something to a charity please visit the Butterfly Children's Hospices website

Roger Kaye
(Writer and Composer of ‘Baby Off The Shelf’)