Free musicals - why?

The purpose of this site is to make five free musicals available:

The Crusaders of Cumberland Court

Butterfly and the Webmistress

Baby Off The Shelf

Mamma Don't Marry
That Man

The Teenagers' Nativity

the teenagers' nativity



"Baby Off The Shelf" Free Musical - Download

Information - each file has been compressed into a zip file. Downloads are subject to terms below. Click arrow to download.

Download the Backing Tracks (165MB)

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Download the Vocal Tracks (164MB)

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Download the Script (under 1MB)

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Download the publicity (under 1MB)

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1. Backing tracks - the full tracks without vocals for you to use to sing over. These are provided as high quality mp3s (256kbps)

2. Vocal tracks - these are the full tracks with vocals on so you can learn the tune for the song. High quality mp3s (256kbps)

3. The Script - provided as separate Word documents (.doc files) so you are able to edit the files as required.

4. The publicity - templates provided for you to advertise your performances and ticket templates - Word documents (.doc files) so you are able to edit the files as required.

Rights of Performance and Copyright Information

Rights of performance of this play and any of the music contained within it are controlled by Roger H Kaye, 11 Kimbolton Court, PETERBOROUGH, Cambridgeshire PE1 2NL. Tel:  01733 564831. (Dialling from outside the UK Tel: 44 1733 564831)

‘Baby Off The Shelf’ is fully protected under the Copyright Law of the British Commonwealth of Nations, the United States of America and all countries of the Berne and Universal Copyright Conventions.

Motion picture, radio, television, internet and translation into foreign languages rights and recordings are strictly reserved.

Organisations or individuals who download this product are not restricted in the number of performances that they are allowed to present.  Once downloaded the vocal and backing tracks can be copied according to need.

Video, DVD, film or sound recordings may be made without charge for individuals associated with the production.  If the recordings are being sold to raise funds for a registered charity, school, local drama or community group, a royalty does not have to be paid and all profits can go to the organisation responsible for commissioning the recording.

Producers are permitted to alter the script for local effect but they should acknowledge their interpretation as one being based on an idea by Roger Kaye.  Student groups may wish to workshop the scenes.